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Laga Design International’s Story

Laga Design International’s Story

Anazao Galleries represents the full line of Laga Handbags & Travel Bags

Most handbags take a full day or more to make; each, an amazing work of art!

Every handbag sewn and sold brings renewed hope for a better tomorrow.

Laga Handbags are handmade by women who survived the Tsunami in Indonesia in 2004


Laga’s Story

Laga Handbags are made by women who survived the tsunami that devastated Indonesia the day after Christmas, 2004. Over 250,000 lives were claimed by the wall of water. After the tsunami, many of these women did not want to live. They were grieving, scared, homeless and didn’t know where to begin rebuilding their lives.

Roy van Broekhuizen, and wife Louise, launched Laga Handbags to help the people of Indonesia. They do not pay themselves a salary. In Aceh province, Indonesia, Laga Handbags is a haven of hope, peace, refuge and love for the victims of disaster who are slowly rebuilding their homes and their lives, one handbag at a time.

Laga Handbags was started by Roy van Broekhuizen, whose family fled Indonesia when he was 9 years old, and wife, Louise, also of Indonesian decent. In Indonesia, Laga Handbags provides a place of peace, refuge and love for victims of disaster who are rebuilding their lives, one handbag at a time.

We are dedicated to providing a secure future for as many victims of disaster as possible. With your help, we will achieve that goal. When you order a Laga handbag, know that you are helping create a better and brighter future, and that you can make a difference.

“We formed Laga Designs International, Inc. to provide income for those who lost their livelihood, but what transpired is much, much more: we developed a personal relationship with the people of Aceh… and we left our hearts in their homes.” Roy van Broekhuizen

Laga embroidered handbags, travel bags and accessories are sewn on a non-electric treadle machine. There is no template or stencil used; all the designs are committed to memory and hand-guided, free motion, an artform with traditional designs that are indigenous to Aceh. We are so proud to be involved in this project, which not only helps rebuild the Aceh community but, for the first time in history, also provides an avenue to share their amazing talent with the rest of the world.

Each handbag sewn and sold helps to rebuild the homes, hearts and hopes devastated by the tsunami. Thank you for helping us make a difference in the world!

You will catch many admirers with this unique and intricately detailed, hand-embroidered handbag.  My wife owns several of these handbags and she gets compliments and inquiries just about everywhere we go.  How about giving this quality gift that also supports such a worthy cause?  It’s a great idea for special occasion and holiday gift giving. 


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