Timothy Richards Sitting Among His Creations

Timothy Richards is a small company, based in the
beautiful Georgian City of Bath, England. Tim has been making sculptures of
architecture in plaster for 19 years. All of the sculptures are made by hand by
Tim and his small, dedicated team. The work is believed to be unique in the
world today.

Central to the theme is that of architectural truth.
Tim aims to use his love of architecture and model making skills to tell the
story of architecture over the




Timothy Richards was born in 1955, close to the Palladian city of
Bath. His formative years established a fascination with history and
architecture, a passion, which endures to this day.

He vividly recalls watching in horror as vast areas of Bath’s
Georgian housing were demolished during his

After attending art collage, Timothy worked as an outward-bound
instructor in both Wales and South Africa. Upon his return to the UK he
qualified as a teacher, going on to spend the next 6 years teaching Design
Technology on the Gower Peninsular.

In 1979 Timothy wrote to adventurer Tim Severin who had built
leather carracks for the Brendon voyage. As a result of this correspondence,
Timothy gave up his teaching position and relocated together with his wife and
young son to the Greek island of Spetse where Severin was engaged in the
building of a Bronze-Age galley using traditional tools and

Once back in Britain, Timothy worked for 2 years as a pottery
manager before starting his own architectural model-making business in 1988. For
months he labored to develop methods of casting, model making and marketing
before completing his first piece, a model of Jane Austen’s house in

Over the past 18 years the business has undergone some major
changes and evolutions. Timothy’s workshop burnt down in November 1991, just 2
years after he won the Nat West Young Businessman’s award, and he has had to
contend with attempts by both British and American manufacturers to copy his
work. However, in recent years, the business has flourished and expanded to
accommodate the larger models and commissions that now take up much of Timothy’s

His work has been presented twice to the Queen as well as numerous
other Heads of State. Clients have included The Royal Ontario Museum, Canada;
Sir Terence Conran; Roosevelt University, Chicago; Lord Rothschild and The
National Gallery of Washington. More recently Timothy was invited to the
University of Notre Dame to present his latest model of Bramante’s

Timothy is married to Annie and has 2 sons, both talented musicians
and artists in their own right. Although he has little spare time his passion is
his barn in Cornwall, which he is in the process of

He wishes to originate, and leave behind him, a legacy of models
that define and catalogue the pivotal buildings of

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