Blue Polka Dot Floral by Weary

Blue Polka Dot Floral by Weary Blue Polka Dot Floral

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Size: 8″ High x 10″ Wide Canvas

Hand-painted, original oil painting on canvas presented in a 3-1/2” gold-gilt designer frame, with detailed intricate carving.  It is ready to hang and enjoy.

Artist’s Biography

An American Contemporary, Weary enjoys the fine art of plein-air. Each painting translates the ambience of light and atmosphere. His brushwork combines the sensitivity of the landscape with an almost impasto use of color.

Weary is a self taught artist who’s technique has become characteristic of the impressionist movement with his discontinuous strokes of color that attempt to observe nature as it really is and transmit it on canvas.

Each new work by Weary is a valued addition to any collector and has been displayed in many private and corporate settings throughout the United States.