Capitol Building, Washington, DC

Capitol Building, Washington, DC

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 An Architectural Sculpture by Timothy Richards

Size: 7″ W x 12″ H x 6″ D

Weight: 10.25 lbs. (4.65kg)

United States Capitol
Washington, DC
Circa 1793 

William Thornton (Original architect)
Thomas U Walter (Architect of Dome & Wings)
The Capitol was originally designed by William Thornton in 1793, rebuilt after the1814 fire and expanded over many years (by Benjamin Henry Latrobe, CharlesBulfinch and Thomas Ustick Walter).

Thornton’s scheme was in the Anglo-Palladian tradition of a half-century earlier and called for a central Pantheon-type saucer dome. The Capitol’s most defining feature today, Walter’s enormous cast-iron dome, was added in 1860-63 to replace a lower dome, reconstructed after the 1814 fire.

Walter’s magnificent dome, one of the world’s most familiar landmarks, owes its form most directly to Michaelangelo’s dome for St.Peter’s in Rome, but there is a line of descent back through Donato Bramante’s Tempietto, a tiny shrine built in 1502 on the traditional site of St. Peter’s martyrdom to the Temple of Hercules at Tivoli, which Palladio measured and published I Quattro Libri.

The Tempietto was the one Renaissance building Palladio believed worthy of illustrating in Quattro Libri. He wrote: “I thought it reasonable that his work should be placed among those of the ancients”.


The Capitol Building is just one in a series of sixteen models currently being used in the exhibit; “Palladio and His Legacy: A Transatlantic Journey”.
The exhibition can be seen at The National Building Museum, Washington DC. September 2nd 2010 through to January 9th 2011

The Capitol Building website:

Hand-made, architectural model, with intricate detail.  It is ready to display and enjoy.

Timothy Richards is a small company, based in the beautiful Georgian City of Bath, England. Tim has been making sculptures of architecture in plaster for 19 years. All of the sculptures are made by hand by Tim and his small, dedicated team. The work is believed to be unique in the world today.

Central to the theme is that of architectural truth. Tim aims to use his love of architecture and model making skills to tell the story of architecture over the centuries.


Artist’s Biography

Timothy Richards

Timothy Richards was born in 1955, close to the Palladian city of Bath. His formative years established a fascination with history and architecture, a passion, which endures to this day. Read more


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