Colorful Sea Turtle by Johnson

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Artist: Johnson

Size: 36″ High x 36″ Wide.  

Frame Description: Silver and black.  Size: 2-3/4″ x  2″


Hand-painted, original oil painting on canvas of a colorful Sea Turtle. Framed and ready to hang.


Artist’s Biography


Born in South Korea in 1958, Johnson received his artistic skills and formal training in his homeland. His first personal exhibition was at the U.S. Forces in Korea in 1985. He spent the next years exhibiting work in major cities and received many national awards.

During his painting career, it was the 18th century landscape painters that he found to be pure inspiration. Johnson developed as a landscape painter internationally. He feels very strongly that the true expression of art resided in nature. The very delicate difference of color blends into his composition and arrangement of each landscape. In his paintings, the beauty of life and art converge in a remarkable way.

Art Career

  • 4 Times Solo Exhibition at Lotte Gallery, Na Gallery, Hana Gallery, and Duin Gallery
  • Two-man Exhibition, Indeco Gallery
  • Korea & Japan Artist’ Exhibition, Tokyo “Beautiful Korean Nature”
  • Invitational Exhibition of Leading Russian & Korean Artists, Leffin Arts University
  • Featured in 50 years’ liberation Exhibition of 100 South and North Korean Artists


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