Floating – Koi II by Lilly

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Artist: T. Lilly

Size: 16″ High x 20″ Wide Canvas

Hand-painted, original oil painting on canvas presented in a 5” gold-gilt designer frame, with detailed intricate carving.  It is ready to hang and enjoy.



Once this is sold it cannot be ordered again. The hand applied texture and accents are impossible to appreciate without seeing it in person. I guarantee that the painting is better than the photo.

“For those who appreciate the beauty and passion of classical impressionistic art, this inspiring painting combines classical motifs and today’s popular themes to create tomorrow’s treasures.”

Inspired by the grace and masterful techniques of Impressionist artists, such as the works of artists like Monet and Renoir, this original oil painting by T. Lilly, captures the essence of the Impressionism.


Artist’s Biography

T. Lilly

T. Lilly combines the vitality of Folk Art with a fresh, confident grasp of natural subjects. Her complex colors, sharp outlines, and insistent shapes are as bold as Van Gogh’s.

Born in Portland, Oregon in 1957, Lilly is the middle of three sisters, all artists. She has always had two loves- nature and art -and originally enrolled at Reed College to study biology. Before she graduated from Reed, Lilly was exhibiting at galleries and at the encouragement of her teachers, focused on a painting career.

Although she has an extensive grounding in art history and photography, plus collaborations on film and multimedia work, Lilly’s painting is largely self-taught. Her exuberant brushstrokes and colors both intuitive and graceful, radiate confidence. Today she lives on 20 wild acres where she continues to enjoy and be inspired by the natural world. Lilly’s pieces, exhibited on both coasts, show a multitude of fresh perspectives in a joyous celebration of paint.

Shows: Various media – Painting, Photography, Film

·1993                 Atlanta Photography Gallery

·1997 – 1998     Gallery 307 – Atlanta

·1999 – 2003     ArtExpo New York

·Portland, OR:
Northwest Artist Workshop
Pacific NW College of Art -Film Study Center
Portland State University- Silver Gallery
The Lieberman Gallery