Illuminated Leaf from a Book of Hours. Paris, c. 1420 Illuminated Leaf from a Book of Hours. France, c. 1420

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6-1/2″ High x 4-5/8″ Wide on Vellum

Sixteen lines of ruled text, written in LATIN and
FRENCH with dark brown and red text and red ink lines on animal
vellum. One beautiful two-line illuminated initial “D” on the
front side. The large initial “D” begins the LATIN word deus or God in ENGLISH.
One, two-line illuminated initial “O” on the reverse side (verso), in
burnished gold on red and blue ground with delicate white tracery. The
large initial “O” begins the LATIN word omnipotens or omnipotent in ENGLISH. Painted rectangular vertical
vignettes in the outer borders in brilliantly applied burnished gold-leaf French tracery and
floral motifs. Bar border in
pink and gold on each side of the page. Borders composed of blue and orange
acanthus, colored flowers, and gold leaves on hair-line stems.

This leaf was written and illuminated in France at a pivotal point in the
Hundred Year’s War – England defeated France decisively in Agincourt in 1415 and
took Paris in 1420. Not until Joan of Arc’s heroism (1428-29) could France
regain hope of restoring its capital. The book from which this came was likely
in daily use at that time.

Books of Hours are personal prayer books of a devout and status-conscious society and are not only works of art, but cultural documents  of their time. They reveal a unique combination of sacred and secular imagery – made of the finest materials, by the best craftsmen, for a small audience that could both appreciate and afford them. 



Once this is sold it cannot be ordered again. The
hand applied gold and painted accents are impossible to appreciate without seeing it
in person. 
guarantee that the painting is better than the photo.

“This is an original leaf about 590 years old and totaly done by hand – not a
reproduction.It is in excellent condition as shown in the photos.” Photos begin with the front side of the leaf along with two details. The next is the reverse (verso) side of the leaf with one detail.

What is an illuminated manuscript?

An illuminated manuscript is a book written and decorated by hand. Its name
is derived from the Latin manus meaning hand and scriptus
meaning writing. Manuscripts that were decorated with gold, silver or bright
paint are called illuminated, from the Latin illuminare meaning to
lighten or brighten up. Read more


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