Pansies With a White Vase - by Tejada

Pansies With a White Vase – by Tejada Pansies With a White Vase

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Silvia Tejada

8″ High x 10″ Wide Canvas

original oil painting on canvas presented in a 3″ wide x 1-1/2″ deep,
designer frame.

has transitional scoop design, brushed gold over a red base.



Once this is sold it cannot be ordered again. The
hand applied texture and accents are impossible to appreciate without seeing it
in person. 
guarantee that the painting is better than the photo.

those who appreciate the beauty and passion of classical impressionistic art,
this inspiring painting combines classical motifs and today’s popular themes to
create tomorrow’s treasures.”

by the grace and masterful techniques of Impressionist artists, such as the
works of artists like Monet and Renoir, this original oil painting by Silvia Tejada,
captures the essence of the Impressionism.



Silvia Tejada

Was born in Pucallpa, Peru, in 1958. Despite her early artistic
inclination, Silvia Tejada, was forced to select a “more productive”
field because painting was economically and socially risky. A victim of the
circumstances, Tejada had to study conservation and restoration, a field
related to the arts but not her choice. Fortunately, today, 20 years later, she
is married to a painter and she has evolved in to one of the best floral
painters in South America.

To the critics, Tejada has that magical touch that
painters like Fatin-Latour and Redon had. Her paintings show a nice soft
brushstroke that commands strength. Her colors are soft and angelical, but with
character. These attributes did not come easy, however. It has been a hard and
long struggle that make her almost abandon her dream, more than once.
Fortunately, her husband, the well-known impressionist painter Jose
Lopesalcedo, convinced her to persist, and it has paid off.

Her exhibitions
include important Salons like Museo de Arte de Lima and the Alianza Francesa.


settle for a print when you can catch many admirers with this museum quality
oil painting in your own living room or at your office?  How about giving this original piece of art
as a gift?  Start or add to your own gallery
of quality art.  It’s an investment that
will appreciate over time.