Psalm 90 (The Prayer of Moses Man of God) by Isaac ben Moses ibn Alragil

Psalm 90 (The Prayer of Moses Man of God) by Isaac ben Moses ibn Alragil Psalm 90 (The Prayer of Moses Man of God)

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A Vatican Library Collection Fine Art Limited Edition

Edition medium: Giclée print on archival mould-made watercolor papers..

Inks: Archival pigment inks

Color Permanence: Rated for 100+ years

Print Size: 14″ High x 11″ Wide.

Limited Edition of 995, numbered 1/995. Comes with a certificate of authenticity.


Blind embossed with the seal of the Vatican Library Collection!

These are no longer being made. This is the last one.

Through the humanistic and universal interests of the popes during the Renaissance, the Vatican
Library began collecting works in a number oflanguages. Ofthe 75,000 manuscripts housed in
the library, 801 are in Hebrew. Though this represents a relatively small percentage, the presence
of Judaica in the Vatican Library reaffirms the interest in not only the Hebrew Bible, but in
subjects ranging from Jewish philosophy and ethics to legal documents to worship rituals. There
was also keen interest in preserving Hebrew manuscripts within the papal library as there was
great reverence for the Hebrew language as one of the languages of divine revelation.

The first Hebrew manuscripts to appear in private papal inventory emerged in 1369, and by 1451
there were approximately 277 Hebrew codices in the archive. In 1545 the BA V acquired a
Hebrew Specialist and has continued to obtain larger numbers of Hebrew manuscripts
throughout time.

This work is an illuminated page from a book of Psalms created by Spanish artisans working in
Naples. Illustrated by the scribe Isaac ben Moses ibn Alragil, it was made for Shabbetai in
Naples, 8 Adar 5229 (1469 A.D.). It illustrates the first six verses of Psalm 90, “The Prayer of
Moses Man of God” with eloquent beauty. On this folio page (fo1. 75 verso), a border of flowers
punctuated by animals surrounds a delicate yet powerful illumination of this Psalm.

This beautiful illuminated Hebrew manuscript with its rich, ornamented, floral background and
lovely scroll imagery is an art piece of both beauty and historic interest. It has been protected in
the Vatican Library’s Urbanati ebraici collection, a library built from the collections of the pope
Urban vrn (Maffeo Barberini, 1568-1644).