Sailboats by Younok Kim

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Artist: Younok Kim

Size: 36″ High x 36ginal oil painting on canvas. Presented in a designer frame with.  It is ready to hang and enjoy.


Artist’s Biography

Younok Kim

Born in South Korea 1973, she studied Fine Art University in Korea. Younok Kim grew up country side near beach shores, mountain, rivers and animals. That explains why Kim is very fond of anything that is associated with nature and body of water in her paintings. Particularly beaches, harbors, flowers, tree, animals and also figures.

Kim is a devoted painter who demonstrated her talent in an early age. Kim loved to paint when she was a child and majored in fine arts when she attended college.


Kim believes reasons in life exist because all the things have significant value and beauty. That value and beauty are the reasons why she lives to paint. Kim paints with free emotions, passion and feelings, which gives her the ability to paint.

She travels to Europe and the U.S. and paints the harbors, beaches, street scenes and figures.


The application of the paint is in thick layers and sometimes very smooth which is vigorous, but with controlled strokes and iridescent hues. These paint strokes are very well displayed in her works. The painting radiates a spontaneous liveliness and associates it with specific characteristics.


Kim currently resides and works in Florida U.S. She taught art in school and currently tutoring private painting lessons in Florida. Her paintings are in many galleries throughout the state of Florida, Vail, Colorado, Santa Fe, California, Atlanta, Georgia