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Small Horizontal Landscape by Stephno

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Size: 16″ Wide x 12″ High Canvas

Hand-painted, original oil painting on canvas. Comes with a silver designer frame. Ready to hang.

Artist’s Biography


The artist known as Stephano was born October 4, 1948 in Inchon, Gyunggi-do. His passion for art was
evident at a very young age and soon he became the student of many prominent artists. He developed his
impressionistic technique and color tone and set out to master the uncompromising medium of oil

His brushwork allows subtle harmony that speaks of the perfect mastery of his art.
For decades he has painted landscapes inspired by studies of Southern France and Great Britain. His
images are never literal transcriptions of what he has seen. Instead they focus more on the memory of a
landscape than the actual experience. Stephano found in the countryside the inspiration that ignited his
longstanding passion for painting.

Now he works in his own studio to create the charm and poetry of the Old World countryside with the
influence of master works by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot and Gustave Courbet.

1972: BFA — Inchon University
1975: Inchon Traditional Art Fair
1976: Inchon Artist Association Art Festival
1977: Attended “Loving Art Membership”
1985: Solo Exhibition — Kyung-in Gallery
1988: A Memorial dedicated to the Seoul Olympics
1988: Exhibition at the National Museum of Contemporary Art
1989: “Helping Children Exhibition” (Ui-dong citizen center)
1994: Solo Exhibition — Ga-Na Art Gallery
1995: Mok-Woo Association Art Festival (awarded prize)
2000: National Folk Festival
2002: Paul Robinson Fine Art — Best of Show
International Home Furnishing Market
Art Expo New York / Art Expo Las Vegas