Traditional Byzantine Style Lobed Cross, Russia

Traditional Byzantine Style Lobed Cross, Russia Traditional Byzantine Style Lobed Cross, Russia

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Engraved Sterling Silver-Gold Plated 22K Cross


  • TOP AND BOTTOM OVALS -– the top representation is St Michael the Archangel and the bottom is
    the Archangel Gabriel.
  • CENTER BAR – FRONT CENTER – The center portion is a traditional representation
    of the crucifixion.
  • FRONT LEFT AND RIGHT LOBE – To Christ’s right is the
    Virgin Mary His Mother whose right hand is pointing to Christ (in Greek this is
    known as the Hedgitera) as the Way.” St John the Baptist the Forerunner of Christ is to His left.


  • TOP Lobe – a representation of St Nicholas, the 4th Century bishop of Myra and
    patron Saint of Russia. This holy bishop is the patron of children, sailors,
    travelers, jewelers and pawn brokers.” There is a Russian folk saying that when God becomes old and
    tired and he does not want to rule the world he will turn the ruling of the
    world to St Nicholas. Russians have great devotion of their Holy Father
  • RIGHT AND LEFT LOBES – SS Peter and Paul. St Peter was the “first” of the Apostles and the bishop
    of Rome. St Paul originally persecuted Christians later becoming one of the
    prime exponents of the church.
  • LOWER LOBE – a Guardian Angel one’s protector and
    guide in life.

Silver gilding. The size: 1 3/8″x 7/8″ Weight 7.0

Comes with a 20″ gold-filled chain included, giftboxed. Made in Russia. Read more


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