Vertical Doorway by Laura

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Size: 16″ High x 12″ Wide Canvas

Hand-painted, original oil painting on canvas. Comes with a gold designer frame 5-3/4″ x 2-1/2″. Ready to hang.

Artist’s Biography



Her Chinese name is Kwan Ran.  She was born May 15th, 1983 at TaeRings City, RyoLing Providence in China. Laura grew up destined to be a painter.  She was always drawing when she was younger and began private art classes at 12 years of age.  In college, she decided to major in Art with a minor in teaching.


After she graduated from College, She began painting for a local gallery.  That success allowed her to focus on her painting and painting to be the primary vocation.  Laura married in 2009 and resides in San Francisco.  She enjoys the relaxation of drawing in her garden and finds that drawing will inspire a new painting. Most of her paintings have flowers in some part, a window sill, a market walk, a café entrance and sometimes just a flower pot.

“The flowers add life and color”


Many of Laura’s paintings have been published by Haddad’s Fine Art.  Laura has participated in numerous solo and group shows worldwide in New York, Canada, Germany, China, Japan and Switzerland.  Many of her paintings can be found in North American private and corporate collections.