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Virgin Mary & Child Enthroned and Surrounded by Angels by Mendoza

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Artist: Diana Mendoza
Size: 6′ High x 4′ Wide.  The antique gold designer frame is 5-3/4″ W by 3-1/2″ H.
This is one of my very favorite paintings by this artist. This was a special commission piece.
Hand-painted, original oil painting on canvas of the Virgin Mary.

“For those who appreciate the beauty and passion of classical art, this inspiring painting combines classical motifs and today’s popular themes to create tomorrow’s treasures.”  Inspired by the grace and masterful techniques of renaissance artists in the middle ages, such as the works of artists like Raphael, Botticelli, and Michelangelo, this original oil painting by Diana Mendoza capture the essence of the sacred artworks of the middle ages.

Artist’s Biography

Diana Mendoza
She was born in Junin, Peru. Although she does not like to tell her age, she is probably in her fifties. Diana graduated in the sixties from the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes with one of the highest awards in the specialty of Painting and Drawing and, also, as Professor of Painting. She has worked as a teacher and as designer before devoting her entire time to painting. She is, also, an accomplished musician and mother of several children.

Diana has participated in several exhibitions, including: Galeria Entre Nous, Lima(1983), Arte Popular de Peru, Salvador, Brazil (1984), Universidad de Bahia, Brazil (1986), Galeria Panorama, Bahia, Brazil (1986), Country Club Jacaranda, Bahia, Brazil (1988), Club Ancash, Lima, Peru (1988), Asociacion de Artistas Plasticos del Peru(1988), Galeria Picasso, Lima, Peru (1988), Casa de la Cultura, Manaos, Brazil (1992), Palacio de Cultura, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1992), Instituto Peruano Norteamericano, Lima, Peru (1993), and, Galeria Chagall, Lima, Peru (1994).