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Russian Painter Anna Razumovskaya

Anazao Galleries adds Russian Painter Anna Razumovskaya to its lineup

Jun 18, 2015

(Jacksonville, FL) Anazao Galleries is excited to represent Russian-born fine artist Anna Razumovskaya adding to its collection of paintings, sculptures, illuminated manuscripts, art glass, jewelry and antiques from artists all over the world,

“Her art is a fusion of classical realism, romanticism, beauty and grace,” said Jacob Danner, owner of Anazao Galleries. “It’s art for the endless romantic.”

Razumovskaya’s oil paintings capture the elegance and beauty of the female form. Garnet Melody, Blazing Dance and Firebird are among many of her works available for purchase that feature women dancing.

“I wanted to add an artist to my gallery that would communicate that every woman is a work of beauty and appeal to art lovers who love dance,” said Danner.

Born at the height of the Cold War, Razumovskaya graduated from the Russian State University for Arts and also studied art is Germany, Belgium and Holland.

The contrast between the somber and harsh reality of the Communist regime and the sophistication and style she witnessed from her fashion conscious mother greatly influenced her art, which she describes as “a reflection of my life, a reflection of myself.”

“…If an artist were asked what he was thinking of while creating his work, he would hardly give a reasonable answer to that question. This process cannot be analyzed. It is like a miracle…God knows how it all happens. Pleasure, passion, joy here are characteristics of this process,” said Razumovskaya.

Anazao Galleries’ (www.anazao.com) eclectic art collection from around the world features antique lithographs and engravings and original paintings by Diana Mendoza, J.C. Seo, Antonio Iannicelli and C. Lewis, as well as limited editions from the Vatican Library, the Ufizi and the British Library and artworks including Orlandi Statuary, Timothy Richards Architectural Sculpture and Robert Held Art Glass.