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One-of-a-Kind Wearable Art Comes to Jacksonville

Appealing to art enthusiasts and those who love objects of beauty, Anazao Galleries features one-of-a-kind artworks from around the world for clients to admire and be admired in. One of the gallery’s most recent acquisitions—a wearable art floral bodice—serves both purposes.

Created by Kathryn Scimone Stanko, the Mannequin in MetaLace® bodice is made of treated knitted copper wire.

“This work of art captivated me. It’s essentially a large piece of jewelry that you wear like apparel,” says Jacob Danner, owner of Anazao Galleries.

The Pennsylvania artist named her art MetaLace® since it represents the metamorphosis of twisted metal into works of shape, beauty and purpose.

“Each MetaLace® original work of art is created from a variety of disparate elements, taken and changed into something ‘new,’ into a thing of beauty that we ‘wear,’” Kathryn explains.

“As we each wear the sum of our experiences—some good, some broken—we too are transformed into new works, each beautiful and unique,” she adds.

Another MetaLace® piece acquired by Anazao Galleries is the “Floral Burst of Copper”, a knitted copper wire necklace adorned with Kenyan recycled green glass beads.

All of Kathryn’s works are influenced by the woven basketry of African women’s co-op groups and the beauty of mined African gemstones. Other inspirations include the seasonal woodblock prints of Hiroshige and Hokusai and the stunning jades and pearls of East Asia.

“I was taken with Kathryn’s spirit and passion. Both pieces reflect her amazing creative vision,” says Jacob Danner.

Kathryn’s MetaLace® art has been part of juried exhibitions at dozens of museums and galleries. Images of the Mannequin in MetaLace® bodice and The Floral Burst of Copper necklace will also be featured in Schiffer Publishing’s upcoming book on the wearable arts and jewelry, which is part of a three-volume series called Exploring the Fiber Arts. The books are scheduled for publication in 2017.