Cyclists by Huallpa

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About the artwork

Original Oil Painting on Canvas

Size: 20″ x 30″

Brief description:

Frame description: Frame Black w/Silver Lip Contempo. 1-3/4″. Ready to hang.

About the Artist


Artist’s Biography

Is a very young artist, only 25 years old, who was doing so well that he reversed the normal trend, at least in South America, which is from being an artist to being an art teacher. He graduated from the School of Arts as an Art Professor and had the chance to practice for a lapse of time at the well known school Maria Parado de Bellido. The difference in what he could make as a teacher and what his paintings were selling for, while most of his art colleagues were starving to death, was so big, that he could not afford to continue to do so.

In the 4 years he has been out of school he has held dozens of exhibitions that included very prestigious galleries like Galeria Los Olivos, the Municipality of Lince, Galeria Chagall, Galeria el Tuneluni and Club La Union. Additionally he has received several distinctions including a First Prize at the Contest Juan Villacorta Paredes in 1994.

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