The Vatican Library is the oldest library in existence. It is a rich repository of manuscripts, prints, coins and art from around the globe. Its holdings make up one of the premiere collections in the world. Your home can display an ancient timepiece. 
a priceless collection of books, ancient maps, illuminated manuscripts, and art
protected for centuries in vaults at the heart of the Church’s most spiritual
and intellectual center.

imagine that the doors to this extraordinary collection are to be thrown open
for the first time in over 500 years. Through our licenses with the Vatican
Library, we are honored to begin the project of introducing the library’s
treasures to you and to future generations through sublicensed products both
reproductive and interpretive in their design. 1451 has sought strategic
partnerships with select companies whose specialties we admire. It is our
intent to offer elegant items through the Vatican Library Collection that,
although inspired by the library’s relics, have a contemporary spin.

invite you to browse though the collections offered, all officially sanctioned
by the Vatican Library as evidenced by their accompanying “Certificate of

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